About Cincinnati Cancer Advisors

Our Mission

Cincinnati Cancer Advisors is a nonprofit oncology practice that exists to improve the care of cancer patients who are seeking an objective second opinion. Our mission is to deliver a thorough understanding of diagnoses and confidence in a plan of care.


We aim to take the feelings of chaos and financial insecurity out of a cancer diagnosis and make second opinions and world-class care more accessible.

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The Cincinnati Cancer Advisors Difference

Wherever patients may be on their cancer journey, we understand that wading through options, research and care can be overwhelming and expensive. The experienced team at Cincinnati Cancer Advisors knows and understands many cancer types and can answer questions. Our experts can provide unbiased in-depth research and recommendations.


Nationwide, second opinions frequently cost $2,000 or more and are often not covered by insurance. As part of its 2020 Foresight program, Cincinnati Cancer Foundation assumes the cost of services that are uniquely available to members in the Greater Cincinnati region.


We are right there, side-by-side, with patients. We review plans and connect them to the resources they need. We want them to be their strongest — physically, emotionally and financially. We will create a detailed plan that will serve as a personal checklist. And, our communication will be clear and easy-to-understand.


The Financial Navigation Program provides navigation assistance with financial and practical challenges which impact patients’ abilities to access healthcare. This program represents our commitment to no-cost consultive oncology services to cancer patients in the Greater Cincinnati area.

We Provide Assistance With:

– Benefit coordination

– Insurance and social program enrollment

– Insurance with pre-authorization, appeal support, and coding/billing issues/navigation

– Financial burden reduction through charitable and community resources